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Aim for Fitness is a private personal training studio located in downtown Maynard, MA.  Sessions are personalized to each individual client, using the latest equipment and knowledge to provide the best and safest possible fitness experience.

While we tailor every workout the the needs of each client, our main focus is functional training, which is the foundation of every day activities . It is our "aim" to provide you with the strength and knowledge needed to have a healthy and productive life outside of the gym.

 You will leave every session knowing that you were given at least one more tool for being the best you that you can be!

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Amy Brogna
Amy Brogna Personal Trainer


My name is Amy Brogna and I am the owner and founder of Aim for Fitness Personal Training Studio in Maynard Massachusetts.  I became certified as an ACSM personal trainer in 2008 and have had an intense interest in fitness long before that. As a personal trainer, it is my goal to help motivate and educate my clients to become healthier and stronger so they can continue to do the things that they love. I work with everyone as an individual to help them to achieve whatever their health and fitness goals may be. It is important to me to find just the right balance for each client. It is a strength of mine to know how and when to push each person to achieve their personal goals, while still feeling safe and comfortable throughout each session.  It is my goal to be sure my clients are working hard enough to make change, while also feeling encouraged and supported.

Client Testimonials

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Amy is worth every penny!  She will tailor your program to meet your personal goals, always changes things up and keeps it fun.  I really appreciate her positive attitude and support as I work to regain my strength and fitness.  Working with Amy, I’ve been able to exercise despite some shoulder problems without re-injury and I’m now seeing big progress in losing weight, increasing muscle tone and gaining strength.

Laura R.


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