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We offer a small community feeling within a private atmosphere — no prying eyes, yet many of our clients know each other and enjoy the relaxed, friendly environment.


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Amy is worth every penny!  She will tailor your program to meet your personal goals, always changes things up and keeps it fun.  I really appreciate her positive attitude and support as I work to regain my strength and fitness.  Working with Amy, I’ve been able to exercise despite some shoulder problems without re-injury and I’m now seeing big progress in losing weight, increasing muscle tone and gaining strength.

Laura R.


I have been training with Amy for several years now-she is by far the best PERSONAL trainer. Amy spent along of time with me understanding my needs and what my body could do making it PERSONAL. I would highly recommend Amy to others and I have. My husband is now training with her and I am very confident he is in the best hands with her. When I started training I was really out of shape and had several health issues-to date I am proud to say I have lost several pounds and all my issues are a thing of the past. I worked hard getting from where I was to now and could not have done it without the motivation that Amy gives to me.

Michelle S.

"If anyone is thinking about personal training- Amy owns her own studio in Maynard, MA. She's awesome! After some running related injuries, Amy worked with me to create an overall strength & conditioning plan to improve my overall fitness & develop strength. I ran injury free this year & feel better than ever."

Brooke P.

Amy is a wonderful trainer and powerful motivator. I have worked successfully with her for two years. Her workouts are interesting and challenging. I enjoy training now more than at any time in my life.

John E.


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